It’s not just exercise, Its a state of mind and body.

Milton Keynes Personal Trainer

To train effectively you need goals. What are your goals?
Lose weight? Get fitter? Improve health? Overcome or manage an injury?


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Group Training

If you have a friend or 2 with who you would like to have the personal training experience with then this is an option. Similar to the personal training but in a group scenario this can be good if you like training with other people.

Prices for Group sessions are from £49.50 per group.

Full breakdown in section below.  


Nutritional Advice.

For many health and fitness goals, nutrition is absolutely fundamental. The analogy I like is that you cannot run a car on sand. We are a reflection of what we put into our bodies and the activities that we undertake. Nutrition should be seen as long term and not just a quick fix unsustainable diet.



ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage


I work from MKOsteopath providing sports massage where people with all sorts of problems come and see me for some targeted therapy. I am currently undertaking a masters degree in Osteopathy at the University College of Osteopathy and am thoroughly enjoying learning more about the human body and how I can help people overcome injuries and pain.

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How much should you do?

Could you be more active?

Benefits of Physical activity


I started training with Johnathan right after the lockdown and he has helped me to improve my physical condition, learn how to perform exercises correctly and recover from a low back injury. He is very flexible with the training always focusing on my needs. Johnathan´s vast knowledge and experience, combined with his positive attitude always helps me to push further and improve in every session.

Victor C – Client

I started training with Jonathan over 3 years ago, at first I just wanted to become a stronger runner and build muscle in a safe environment as I knew nothing about weight lifting, kettlebells etc. But I found that not only did I become stronger by lifting weights, I also changed in shape dramatically. My running has improved and I suffer from less knee pain having built the muscles up around my knee. But most noticeable with Jonathan’s advice and support I have had very few injuries whilst training for marathons

Mary L – Client

I started with Johnathan after severe back pain that was holding me back in my training, Johnathan is so knowledgeable he was able to recognise and understand the route of my pain to help me work to become stronger again safely and pain-free! I really enjoy the variety of challenges and the fact that Johnathan’s support doesn’t end after our session, he makes sure I continue to train throughout the week and also sets me up with holiday routines continually pushing me to be better

Ellis M – Client

 My husband and I have had Johnathon as our PT for 3 years. Initially, he would come to us but then with the onset of the pandemic we train with him via Zoom. He is very approachable, listens to us and is a great motivator for us, in so much that we do 1  or 2 other training sessions throughout the week by ourselves. We feel supported by him in that we can always contact him with regard to our program or physical issues we may have. We feel that Johnathon really listens to our individual needs but at the same time encourages us to constantly improve. Let’s just say those kettlebells don’t seem to get any lighter!

Amanda & Andrew A – Client
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